Easy Affiliate Marketing Management With FMTC


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Make Affiliate Program Management Easy With the World’s Largest Deals Database


Working with a curated affiliate marketing database like FMTC makes affiliate marketing management easy.

We’ve talked a lot about the challenges of affiliate marketing for both publishers and merchants. When every affiliate network has thousands of merchants working with thousands of publishers, the sheer scope of communication is overwhelming. Managing affiliate programs, especially for publishers, can be time-consuming. And for merchants, it’s hard to tell if their deals are going where they’re supposed to.


What Can We Do About That?


At FMTC, we bring all the merchants, affiliates, and deals from the 23 top affiliate networks together into one clean, fast database with a streamlined interface. Whether you’re a merchant or publisher, this platform makes managing your affiliate program easier and more efficient than ever before.

Here’s a look at how we do it.


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1. The FMTC Database


Our database connects directly to the affiliate networks via API integrations. We currently have integrations with 23 different networks and tracking platforms, and these pull all their merchants, affiliates, links, deals, and product feeds into our database.

When you join FMTC, you no longer must jump between networks to get daily feeds and affiliate info. Everything is already in the FMTC database.

From there, our human data processors review every link to make sure the URL is correct, the deal is valid, the categories are relevant, and the text is clean. Only after those checks have been done and the deal is approved do we release the links to our affiliate/publisher subscribers.


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2. The Publisher/Affiliate Experience


Before she built FMTC, our founder was a publisher who faced a common problem: Her team had to spend so much time fixing and categorizing coupons and deals coming in from affiliate programs that they barely had enough time to drive traffic to the site. And that’s not the only thing that makes publisher affiliate programs so time intensive. Finding your approved merchant links in the affiliate networks feeds is a whole different, time-draining task.

FMTC solves these problems for publishers/affiliates by cleaning our links and bringing data directly to each subscriber as a personalized content feed. Our easy-to-use interface makes it simple to connect your deal network IDs with your account, look up your approved merchants, find new merchants to apply to, and get your deals.

All your links are cleaned, categorized, and ready to monetize. Each deal is ranked from 1 to 25, helping you decide which links are likely to be the biggest hits. You can even use the FMTC API Access Points to plug this data directly into your own systems to automate downloading, publishing, and any other process your team can create.

That’s the value we bring to publishers and affiliates: A subscription to FMTC saves you from a sand trap of time-consuming tasks. We provide a personalized data feed of monetized links just waiting to be fed into your website.


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3. The Merchant/Agency Experience


Our work benefits merchants just as much as publishers. We continuously get your deals out of the networks and onto the publishers’ websites. You can be confident those links are correct, properly categorized, and delivered to the right affiliates.

Beyond making it super easy to get your links to the right affiliates, FMTC also allows publishers to put their deals in featured positions in the publisher interface and share high-priority deal and program alerts, so publishers know to give them the best real estate.

Our Publisher Discovery integration — available to premium subscribers — allows merchants to search for affiliates who are working with their competitors. Merchants can know which publishers to approach directly about joining their programs; they don’t have to waste a lot of time trying to find new affiliates.

We also offer ways to centralize all your affiliate marketing program data into a single dashboard, with options to automatically integrate your deals into FMTC.


FMTC: Your Easy Button for Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing should be easy: join a network, connect with merchants or publishers, and post their links. In reality, it’s anything but simple unless you have FMTC on your side. Our database is the largest, most accurate affiliate content database in the world. The access and features that come with it will help get your affiliate programs running smoother than ever.

Contact us today to see what the FMTC Affiliate Content Database can do for your affiliate program.