Affiliate Marketing for Publishers: 5 Ways FMTC Makes It Easy


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Manage Your Affiliate Program with FMTC


Publishers carry the weight of inefficiencies in the affiliate marketing system. Here are 5 best practices publishers can offload that burden and streamline their affiliate marketing program management.

Affiliate marketing for publishers means managing information from multiple channels — cleaning it, sorting it, and making sure it runs in the right places. These best practices will make affiliate marketing management easier, faster, and more efficient.


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1. Combine Your Deal Feeds Into One Central Database


The biggest time-sink for publishers running affiliate programs is chasing down links across multiple merchants and networks. Searching all these feeds and emails manually is a quagmire that holds back many affiliate programs. Centralizing deals feeds into one database is an important step to streamlining affiliate program management.

FMTC is the biggest and most accurate affiliate content database in the world, collecting feeds from 23 of the biggest affiliate networks. Even if you participate in thousands of affiliate programs across multiple networks, FMTC can centralize your deals into one database and one content feed.



2. Tap Into Network APIs to Find as Many Approved Deals as Possible


APIs, or application programming interfaces, allow apps to access data inside systems for more flexible and efficient data extractions. It’s the best way to streamline data access and even automate deal publishing.

FMTC connects directly with affiliate networks via API integrations. Our publishers never have to hunt through feeds and emails from multiple merchants across networks. We get all the information through the network APIs and prep it for automated posting.


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3. Find Ways to Clean Your Deal Feeds More Efficiently


No merchant wants you to run bad deal links from their affiliate program. But mistakes happen, and bad links with incorrect categorization and typos plague network feeds. When they get published, they effectively cost the merchant and publisher money because those potential conversions can’t be completed. The burden of cleaning, vetting, and fixing these deals falls on publishers, and it’s nearly as time-consuming as tracking down links by hand.

FMTC takes that burden off publishers with a team of US-based, human data engineers who spend thousands of hours each month cleaning, categorizing, and testing every deal and link in our database. This means the content is ready for you to publish as soon as you get it from FMTC.


4. Bundle Your Feeds Into One Neat Interface, Data Stream, and API


Centralizing your links is only the first step to optimizing affiliate program management. To really streamline your affiliate link workflow, centralize that data into a single interface and data stream.

FMTC makes it easy for publishers to access their links in the way that works best for them. The entire program is accessible through a streamlined publisher interface that allows affiliates to easily connect network IDs to their account; find merchants, deals, and products; and access their link feeds.

The data feeds themselves are perfect for automated site population. They centralize the data publishers need to fill coupon sites, loyalty programs, cashback sites, and other custom sites or apps.

You can access the data through our directory of deals, via CSV or XML file, or directly through our API.

When you join FMTC, you get an API token that lets you access 6 API endpoints; getMerchants and getDeals are the main ones. These two endpoints give you access to nearly all your data in the FMTC database and can be used to customize feeds, data collection, and deal publishing. Other endpoints allow you to access info like logos and categories.


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5. Simplify Your Deal Publishing by Making Sure Everything Is Accurate, Current, and Competitive


These steps will give publishers optimized deal content. It’s ready to be published as soon as you get it from FMTC, and your users will only find deals that are accurate, current, and highly competitive.

This makes managing your affiliate program easier and more streamlined than it’s ever been, so you can get back to growing your audience and making more money.

If you’re ready to see how easy running a high-volume affiliate program can be, contact us today for a demonstration of what FMTC could do for you.