Affiliate Links: Cleaning, Categorizing, and Testing


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How FMTC Takes Tedious Tasks Off a Publisher’s Plate


Before affiliate links go out to an audience, they should be cleaned, categorized, and tested. Learn how FMTC can save you from these resource-draining tasks.

In a perfect world, affiliate links would be free of typos, link errors, and irrelevant categories. But in reality, cleaning links is an essential step in any successful publisher’s affiliate program. This means proofing the copy for typos, making sure it has the most relevant categories, and checking every link for errors that would break the sale.


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Links, Deals, and Offers — Verified by Humans


Our APIs can help you automate parts of your affiliate deals management, but some things require human attention. We firmly believe that when it comes to combing through affiliate links, deals, and products, it’s important to have another human verify for accuracy.

FMTC has real people reviewing the deals and links we post. Our valuable data processing team clicks each link, checks every element, and ensures the deal is valid, valuable, and viable for your platform.

Posting a bad link costs publishers money — both in the time their employees waste on publishing it and the revenue they lose from an invalid link. Without a data processing team, publishers are left to do the hard work of verifying links and cleaning up text, and that adds up quickly.


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What Does FMTC Check?


There are three main ways we check and fix the data we get from network feeds:


1. We test every link and code.

Our team tests every link to make sure it clicks through to the proper landing page. We also check that every code is accepted by the merchant’s website and that the discount is the same as advertised.

If an issue is found, we set that deal aside and contact the merchant to make sure the data is correct. If not, we correct it before sending it on to our publishers.


2. We proofread every offer.

Offers with typos or other mistakes have lower conversion rates. They raise buyers’ suspicions that the deal may not be valid.

We edit text elements before posting them. Our team proofreads every label and standardizes them for consistency.


3. We categorize every offer.

Even if the link works and the text is clean, a deal in the wrong category won’t get the audience it needs to perform well. Publishers work hard to put offers in front of the right people, and they can’t do that with miscategorized deals.

Our data processing team reviews every offer to ensure it’s encoded as the right type of deal (coupon, sale, free shipping, etc.) and the right type of product (apparel, house and home, electronics, etc.). Publishers can be confident that an affiliate link is going to the right place, in front of the right audience, and gets the right kind of attention.

Our quality control standards are essential to making the affiliate marketing ecosystem work better for merchants, networks, and publishers. It’s one of the reasons why we have the largest, freshest, and most accurate deals database in the world.

FMTC is here to help streamline your affiliate marketing management. Contact us today to see how we can make affiliate marketing easier for you.