Affiliate Marketing Publisher Resources in the Merchant Hub

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Affiliate Marketing Publisher Resources

Affiliate Marketing Publisher Resources

We want to help you in any way possible with your affiliate marketing endeavors, so we’ve added a Resources Page to our Merchant Hub!

There is a new tab on the left that you can see without being logged in. If you are already logged in, you can find it under the Support Tab:










Right now we have three articles that you can check out, but we will continue to add information so check back as often as you’d like to see what’s new. So far we have:

  1. Demystifying Affiliate Marketing Buzzwords: Affiliate Marketing Glossary – It can be hard to wrap your brain around an industry and how it works if the language is completely foreign to you. Affiliate marketing isn’t as confusing at it might seem. Here is a quick reference guide to help you understand the lingo used in affiliate marketing.
  2. Affiliate Marketing Primer – Looking for information on how to become an affiliate? Read this to discover how easy it is to get started with affiliate marketing and how FMTC helps you access thousands of monetized links for your site and blogs.
  3. The Basics of Affiliate Marketing – The building blocks of affiliate marketing are quite simple and can help create a solid and profitable structure for your site or blog.

I’d also love to hear any topics you’d like added so feel free to comment below!

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