A Closer Look at Expedited Deal Processing

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FMTC expedited deal processing

Now that Q4 is here, we are already pulling in thousands of offers each day from merchants who are gearing up for the busiest season. With that in mind, processing times to get your deals added to our feed can vary greatly based on how many offers we pull in from the 24 affiliate networks and data sources. Our data engineering team works as fast as they can to make sure your deals are available in our feed, while still ensuring that the links and coupon codes are working properly.

Give Your Deals a Boost

If you want your deals processed more quickly, you need to know about expedited deal processing, a feature included in the premium merchant and OPM accounts. It gives your offers a priority boost in our processing queues so that they are added to our feed ASAP. How much faster your deals get processed depends on factors such as how busy our queues are, how long your offer lasts (short-term deals get another boost), the level of discount, and a few other factors in our algorithm.

To give you a good idea of how it could help, we looked at how quickly one premium merchant’s deals were added compared to all the other merchants combined. We took processing times in hours from January-September of 2017, and the results were surprising! This merchant had their deals added to our feed 92% faster than other merchants. They had 5-10 new offers each week and often had their offers added to our feed in under an hour.

As a premium merchant, you’d also be free to email us at any time to let us know when you have new offers and we can go ahead and process them right away for you.

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How to Get Started

Expedited Deal Processing is just one of the helpful features included in our premium account. You can see the full list here or email us if you’d like to get started. Premium accounts start at just $50/month and are on a month to month basis – a great investment for Q4!

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