5 Common Mistakes by Merchants & Advertisers

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Our team at FMTC would like to save you more time and help your deals move more efficiently. So, we’ve compiled a list of a few common stumbling blocks by merchants and advertisers. Avoiding these actions can result in faster deal processing and better results overall. Check out the list below:


Mistake #1: Not making sure landing pages work

Before posting your offer, double- or triple-check your offer to be sure you’ve included the appropriate link. Sometimes a landing page will end up in error because the link has an “http://” when it should be “https://”. Other times, the landing page will end up on the wrong page on a website. For example, the link could take you to women’s blouses when it’s supposed to promote a sale on kids’ shoes. Seemingly insignificant link errors result in our team having to build deep links or contact the program manager if the program doesn’t allow deep linking. Although it’s usually a quick fix, each small instance adds up to extra time your offers are sitting in the queue instead of pushed live for our publishers.


Mistake #2: Not pre-testing coupon codes

Testing coupon codes takes up the majority of our team’s time. While that’s okay (that’s what we’re here for, after all!) if you’re in a rush to get your deals posted, a malfunctioning code can delay the process. When a code doesn’t work, the deal goes into our Hold Queue until it’s fixed. This can add days to the process if it gets lost in the program manager’s inbox. Be sure that the coupon code is exactly as you posted it (don’t accidentally put EASTER2018 instead of EASTER18, for example). Be sure to remove any unnecessary spaces as well, such as EASTER 18 instead of EASTER18.


Mistake #3: Not including dates

When you don’t include dates with the deal that is current, our team has to either extend it indefinitely (which can mean it’s available long after the offer is valid) or choose an end date based on a season or holiday associated with it. If the deal isn’t valid when the team checks it, the deal gets moved to the hold queue until the program manager can respond with the correct dates. If you include start and end dates on a future offer, the team can go ahead and process it so it will be live automatically on its starting date.


Mistake #4: Not providing a good contact

Our team relies heavily on being able to contact a program manager quickly. It’s beneficial to keep network contacts updated and provide the best person to reach with queries. If a deal has issues, we email the contact listed at the network. If there is no response, it can result in deals not being added as swiftly as we’d like.


Mistake #5: Not including exclusions/restrictions

If your deal has any restrictions, be sure to include them along with your offer on the network. It’s especially important to include terms when the terms exclude specific brands or categories from a sale. Otherwise, our team may unknowingly test the deal on an excluded item and conclude that the deal is not working. Listing exclusions or restrictions will help us get it out to publishers faster and will also help any customers using the code as well. As a result, our publishers may even see better conversion rates too.


We hope these five tips help you see better results from your publishers, and help us get your links out faster. If you need any more assistance or have questions about your deals, please reach out to [email protected], and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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