4 Ways to Increase Productivity This Spring

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Spring has arrived — even if your local weather may not feel like it yet! For many, spring is a time of renewal and resetting. One way to reset is to find ways to increase your efficiency, clear your mind and reach your goals faster. Welcome in the new season with these productivity tips.



Clutter in the workspace can lead to stress and a lack of productivity. Use this as a time to organize your desk and shred or file any unnecessary paperwork. If you work at home (like I do), be sure your common living areas are decluttered as well, so it doesn’t become a distraction during the day. For bulkier items, my favorite decluttering tip is to grab a trash bag and a donation bag and fill them up throughout the week. On Saturday, dump the trash and take the donation bag to Goodwill (or anywhere else in your area that needs donations.)



Enhance your desk or office with a new theme. A fresh coat of paint, new desk accessories or a file cabinet can go a long way to setting the right atmosphere for work. A quick search on Google will display many ideas and tutorials on decorating, designing office space for maximum productivity and more. My favorite tip to enhance an office area is to add a low-maintenance plant, such as a succulent. It’s nice to have a little bit of nature when you’re stuck indoors, and some plants can even remove certain organic chemicals from the air.



Some people thrive on scheduling their entire day down to the minute. Others prefer a more relaxed approach. However, schedules can go a long way to keeping you on track for your goals. Even if it’s very loose schedule, it can help you prioritize and give you extra accountability to finish your tasks on time. Some people are very dutiful about writing in planners, but I tend to forget. It works better for me to have a schedule on the computer where I can quickly edit anytime, and I don’t run out of space. Figure out what works best for you and implement it — even a loose agenda is better than no schedule at all.


Evaluate and reset

At the end of the day, make a list of everything you planned to accomplish and what you actually did accomplish. Carry over anything significant that didn’t get done and do it first the next day. This action can help you stay on track with your important tasks and not get too weighed down with busy work that doesn’t matter as much.





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