The FMTC Team’s Summer Highlights

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The kids have gone back to school, your white pants are tucked neatly away, and you are gearing up to indulge in everything pumpkin flavored. Here at FMTC, we are reflecting on our amazing summers, and some of the team wanted to share an unforgettable highlight.

Kim Cashwell

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing this view in person? Kim admits it must be “the most beautiful place we have ever been!” She and her husband enjoyed hiking and camping in Oregon, and managed to snap this breathtaking picture of Crater Lake, the second deepest lake in North America! Are you adding this to your bucket list?

Crater Lake


Eric Nagel

Speaking of a bucket list, you may want to pencil this one in, if hiking is your thing. Eric and his family hiked to the top of MT Ascutney in Vermont. They may have chosen one of the hottest and most humid weeks to make the climb, but there was no stopping them!

Mt Ascutney


Samantha Doletzky

Talk about an unforgettable view! Samantha’s most notable moment was exploring Chicago and hopping on a water ferry where she captured this image of Chicago’s skyline. This experience is definitely one that you should embark on if you ever decide to visit the windy city.

Chicago Skyline



Nicole Quinby

Do you love rolling down your windows and allowing that warm summer breeze to blow through your hair? Nicole does! She went on a road trip around California. Her final destination was eating some yummy sushi on the harbor, and a trip to Monterey with some close friends to celebrate.


Amy Powell

Amy made sure she had her family, friends, and a good pair of sneakers to make memories over summer 2016. Camping and Hiking (& running!) in Hocking Hills Ohio. Check out this picture, looks like quite the adventure if you ask me!

Hocking Hills


Nathan Smith

What is 5,486 feet long, 306 feet tall, and has a top speed of 92 miles per hour? You guessed it, Leviathan! The tallest and fastest roller coaster in Canada! Nate decided there was no better way to close out his awesome summer than with family and friends enjoying this “eye-watering” high-speed ride.


Larissa Feuerstein

Larissa’s moment was the quality time she enjoyed with family in Disneyland, one of her favorite places! Nothing like some churros, Disneyland characters, and a ride on Hyperspace Mountain to make some memories that the whole family will never forget.


Amy Walsh

Amy enjoyed some thrill rides too. A trip with the kiddos to Busch Gardens topped her list. There is nothing quite like grabbing the family to scream at the top of their lungs as they plummet down the Log Flume ride at full speed!

As for me? A “Southern Boil” in North Carolina with some of my favorite people tops my list. We cooked up crab legs, shrimp, sausage, corn on the cob, potatoes, and basically everything but the kitchen sink, and indulged the yummy goodness.

Southern Boil
alicia-author-imageThe FMTC team sure knows how to create some adventures and fabulous memories! We’d love for you to play along. Tell us about a highlight from your summer adventures.

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