OPM News Clippings and More

OPM News and More

I realized that all of the news articles I “clipped” this week include information from or about OPMs.  That’s an acronym for “Outsourced Program Managers” for you non-affiliate readers.* Sorry to disappoint if you were hoping for news from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

The latest debatable question among the affiliate industry is, “Are affiliate managers and OPMs responsible for bloggers disclosing affiliate commission”?  Tricia Meyer says yes. Read why on her post at Revenews.

Durk Price from eAccountable wrote a guest post on the HostGator Blog about how discounts and deals don’t damage online brand image but actually help generate additional traffic and sales.  I think we all here at FMTC would have to agree.

One of the biggest problems affiliate marketers face is the rise of (not provided) results in Google Analytics. Acceleration Partners tells us why.

Snow Consulting has invited the whole FMTC crew (and any family and friends) to participate in their hockey pool.  They are having regular standings prizes plus a $25 prize for the best team name.  It’s easy to pick players in this pool, and no knowledge of hockey is required.  Just ask Karen.  She’s just hoping to win the prize for the best name!

*Enough OPM stuff.  I will now leave you with some non-affiliate related articles, because I can.  And I “liked” them all on Facebook so that definitely makes them newsworthy.

P.S. Was your Gmail delayed earlier this week?  Here I thought it was just me.

By Kim Rowley

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