FMTC Partners with Skimlinks

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.


FMTC has partnered with Skimlinks to provide our clients with more monetization options. If you would like data for merchants you have not joined, you can use Skimlinks’ revshare program to earn commissions on sales generated by your website.

First, you will need to create an account at Skimlinks. Once you are approved, provide FMTC with your Skimlinks Publisher ID and your FMTC feed will include a field that contains a Skimlinks URL for every merchant you select and every deal we provide. If you want to use a combination of Skimlinks URLs and affiliate URLs, our exclusive Skimlinks Autopilot tool will provide you with the proper links depending on your relationship status of each merchant you select!

Skimlinks currently supports over 17,500 programs. To verify an FMTC program is supported by Skimlinks, log in to your Skimlinks account and go to the Merchant look-up page. If a merchant is not supported by Skimlinks, you will not receive commissions for sales, but the links will still load properly to the merchant/offer.

FMTC clients can enable Skimlinks on the Skimlinks page in their admin panel.