Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 2-11-2016

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affiliate marketing industry news 2-11-16

Affiliate Marketing Industry News 2-11-2016

Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of the Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup! I’ve collected some interesting and timely pieces from around the interwebs.

Here is a preview of some of our top stories;

This week was brimming with insightful posts! Greg Hoffman published a couple of posts; one that offers phenomenal insight into the strategy of a thriving affiliate management company and another about managing a remote workforce…with a lovely reference to FMTC. 😀 We’re excited to announce the release of the public Merchant Hub, destined to become the go-to resource for publishers. AMDays early bird registration closes tomorrow, and Geno Prussakov wrote a post that cites CMOs as having a paltry 22% mastery of affiliate marketing and AMDays Early Bird period ends tomorrow. We can’t forget to highlight Fresh Press Media’s upcoming LIVE EVENTS, aimed at connecting niche publishers with relevant advertisers.

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“Being Indispensable” is the mission of FMTC, and Merchant Hub is a gigantic leap toward that goal.

Publishers Use Merchant Hub to:

  • Find merchants, products, and brands that visitors will love
  • See which networks each merchant is listed
  • Review detailed program information & policies
  • Keep track of affiliate relationships with thousands of merchants
  • Build monetized deep links
  • Find logos, screenshots, and other assets

Read this post to learn more uses for Merchant Hub and optional Publisher Toolkit.


Source: FMTC

Greg Hoffman wrote an article for Website Magazine that proclaims the benefits of a managing a remote team that works from home. Greg references some tools gleaned from FMTC CEO, Rachel Honoway, too!


Source: Website Magazine – Greg Hoffman

A recent collaborative survey, conducted by Fanatics Media in partnership with Marketo, produced an eye-opening Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Benchmark Report. Among the other things analyzed, the study sought to find out the most (as well as the least) mastered areas of digital marketing for present-day CMOs.

As you may guess from the title, CMOs were least knowledgeable in the area of affiliate marketing, with only 22% mastery.

Also, AMDays early bird registration ends tomorrow! Use coupon code FMTC to double up on the savings!


Source: AMNavigator – Geno Prussakov


Unless you spent 2015 living under a rock, chances are you’re well aware of adblocking and the shift it is causing in the digital marketing landscape. But what does adblocking really mean? And how does it affect you as a performance marketer? Let’s explore…


Source: Schaaf PartnerCentric


Columnist Thomas Stern offers a sneak peek of results and winning tactics from the beta of Google AdWords’ online-to-in-store conversion tracking.


Source: Marketing Land


Fresh Press Media’s Perfect Pitch Workshop – Fitness Niche
March 12-13, 2016 in Chicago, IL

We are accepting applications for 3 Advertisers and 30 Influencers in the Fitness Niche to come to Chicago in March to work together to develop an influencer marketing campaign and perfect pitch.

It is a workshop. No speakers. No meet market. Just a roomful of industry leaders that want to sit down and work together on developing a lasting business relationship.


Source: Fresh Press Media


SWOT stands for strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. A SWOT analysis is a process of identifying internal and external factors affecting your organization and its objectives. This can help you discover new marketing opportunities, enhance operations, and reinforce your positioning against competitors.


Source: Impact Radius


The full list of the premium listing features included with an upgraded FMTC OPM/Merchant account. Get your program promoted to active, successful affiliates with a premium OPM/Merchant account subscription.


Source: FMTC


Greg Hoffman penned an insightful post about his agency’s affiliate management strategy that was published on LinkedIn Pulse.


“I just turned down business again, and I’m OK with the decision or at least I will be by the time I’m done writing today. In the end, the lead did not fit into my affiliate management agency plans for 2016. It’s hard for some people to understand why I would limit the number of clients we work with and why we hold such high standards for success.”


Source: LinkedIn Pulse – Greg Hoffman


While the concept is attractive to many, some people’s idea of remote work doesn’t necessarily match up with reality. To get a better idea of whether or not you’d transition well from working in a traditional office environment to working from your home office or a co-working space, we’ve provided 8 questions that would be helpful for you to ask yourself.

To keep this content digestible, we’re breaking this blog post into two parts. This post, Part 1, will include the first 4 questions. The second post, which we’ll send out next week, will include the next 4 questions.


Source: Acceleration Partners


Publishers are seeking new ways of learning more about their audiences in order to more effectively monetize their content. Advertisers are seeking out publishers with a growing base of knowledge about their respective audiences, and they are willing to extend premium offers to these publishers. The publishers in our study were most likely to rely on the tools provided by an affiliate network to manage their affiliate efforts, beating out both bought and self-built analytics tools.


Source: eAccountable


Affiliate marketing is no longer simply capturing a sale on a publishers website; it has evolved into a much more complex space. Here are Schaaf-PartnerCentric’s top predictions for affiliate marketing trends to watch in 2016.


Source: Schaaf PartnerCentric


Editing copy boils down to two key things: recognizing weaknesses and knowing how to fix them. It’s a critical part of the writing process and yet, one that’s all too often overlooked. After all, if you don’t know that there’s an issue to begin with, how can you fix it?

I loved this post by HubSpot because it provides much-needed information to copywriters and publishers.


Source: HubSpot


There will be a Performance Marketing Summit in Chicago on May 15, 2016. The one day conference is being held at the InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile.

The Performance Marketing Summit in Chicago is taking place right before ShareASale ThinkTank at the same hotel.


Source: FeedFront


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