Affiliate News Roundup 8/29/13

News Clippings

Here we thought news would be lacking this week from everyone recovering from Affiliate Summit East, but not so!  We still managed to clip out several industry related articles about ecommerce and performance marketing.  And before you read on,  if you’d like to take the stage at Affiliate Summit West this coming January in Las Vegas, tomorrow is your last chance to propose your speech or session topic.  And now, onto the news…

I think we already knew this, but Internet Retailer confirms it:  Smartphones are playing a significant role in back-to-school shopping.

Smartphones are bridging the gap between online and offline with apps like Belly that offers points and rewards for shopping in local, brick and mortar stores. In fact,  Belly received $12.1 Million from NEA and others to take its loyalty app to the next level.

Amazon Associates are even going mobile. Android app developers can monetize apps they are building and games for the Kindle Fire and other Android devices. Developers will earn 4 percent to 6 percent on qualifying in-app customer purchases. Read more at Techcrunch.

Publishers, if you don’t want to change out all those old Google Affiliate Network (GAN) links on your website or blog, you can install Skimlinks that will identify broken GAN links and automatically convert them to live affiliated links. Geno Prussakov blogged about how Skimlinks’ GAN overwrite works.  Skimlinks also recently announced they will automatically rewrite old iTunes affiliate links to their new affiliate format.

Skimlinks is obviously growing by leaps and bounds, as they also acquired InvisibleHand. And don’t forget that, we here at FMTC have partnered with Skimlinks to launch Skimlinks Autopilot as well.

Last but not least, Groupon recently launched the Groupon Partner Network with a goal of creating an army of 100,000+ affiliates.

Do you have any newsworthy information you’d like to share with us?  If so, please leave a comment and/or contact us.

By Kim Rowley

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