20,000+ Local Deals Added to the Feed



Local deals have been part of our Premium feed for  some time, but this last month, we added over 20,000 local deals through integration with a few more local deal networks.

The addition of the local deal networks in the past weeks significantly increased our local deal count and overall deal count which previously hovered around 60,000.

Now, we’re pulling local offers for restaurants, oil changes, carpet cleaning, groceries, pet services, salons, gyms and so much more.

Local Deal Networks

We recently added a handful of networks including:

  • LocalSaver – Owned and powered by DataSphere Technologies, Inc., LocalSaver has direct relationships with over 10,000 local businesses across the US.
  • DealChicken – DealChicken operates in more than 90 cities where its parent company, Gannett, owns and operates leading newspapers or TV stations.  With millions of subscribers across these markets, DealChicken reaches a big, affluent online audience.

They join other local deal providers in our feed including:

  • Groupon
  • Living Social
  • Bevbucks
  • ethicalDeal
  • Restaurant.com
  • YourBestDeal

Get Local Deals

Current FMTC subscribers at the Premium Level can access the local deals, while other subscribers can upgrade to access the new deals.

Both LocalSaver and DealChicken’s programs are available on the Commission Junction network.

By Rachel Honoway

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